Comparing Storage Platforms for Big Data Applications

A massive shift is underway in data analytics. Workloads and applications are moving away from the Hadoop File System (HDFS) and towards more scalable and performant data storage platforms. In this paper, we will briefly touch on why this shift has taken place and compare several storage options for modern data analytics.

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  • How Dell EMC, Pure Storage, MinIO, Cloudera and VAST Data compare on features that modern applications demand.


  • Review by petabyte scalability, multi-protocol support, storage efficiency, and performance.


  • How VAST Data’s Disaggregated, Shared Everything storage architecture based on NVMe and compounded with data reduction plus low overhead data protection delivers dramatic benefits when compared to HDFS storage with triple-copy data protection.


  • How to incorporate new architecture deployment concept that can deliver all-flash performance for the most demanding big data workloads, scales from petabytes to exabytes all with economics that make it affordable for any enterprise workload.