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Hardware Test and Qualification Engineer


VAST Data is the most valuable privately owned storage company in history. VAST’s innovative universal storage offering and its solution architecture were inspired and made possible by the emergence of new hardware technologies like 3DxPoint SSDs and NVMe Over Fabrics. We are determined to keep our edge by being early adopters of new hardware technologies and by optimizing our hardware to have faster and more cost-effective platforms.

The hardware team responsibilities are to work with 3rd party vendors on their new hardware products, qualify new hardware, qualify new firmware for existing hardware, write requirements for new hardware products, participate in the bring-up of new servers, debug hardware-related problems, and do knowledge transfer to the software, QA, manufacturing and support teams.

In this position you will learn our hardware test needs and methodologies, define and run manual test, and then create new test automation infrastructure to accelerate and improve the qualification of new hardware and firmware.

Principal duties

●     Design and Develop automation tools to carry out hardware and firmware qualification processes.

● Run manual and automatic hardware tests for SSDs, Servers, NVMeOF enclosure, BMCs, Networking cards and Switches.

●     Work with vendors and partners to create optimal hardware configurations

●     Evaluate and run benchmarks for hardware components in standalone operation, as well as part of the entire systems.

●     Analyze and investigate hardware-related faults and errors occurring in the system environment.



Required skillset:

●  Experience in debugging, writing test plans, and automating test procedures.

●  Experience with Python and other scripting languages.

● System-level understanding and ability to triage hardware, firmware, OS and network problems.

● Experience working with hardware components such as server platforms, BMC, flash memory, storage enclosures and network switches.

●  Relevant academic credentials (EE, CS)


Preferred skills:

●. Understanding of hardware concepts (e.g. PCIe, DMA, I2C/SMbus, BMC)

● Knowledge of Linux internals

● Knowledge of networking concepts and protocols (Ethernet, Infiniband, TCP/IP, DHCP etc).

● Previous experience with storage systems


Location: Tel Aviv

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