Out-Innovating Public Cloud Giants

In 2002, frustrated by poor service and bad business practices, Simon Blackler launched Krystal Hosting to deliver a refreshing alternative to the large, faceless hosting corporations that dominate the market. Over the past 18 years, their honest, reliable, and personal approach to business has won them a loyal customer following and a reputation for excellence. Krystal has big ambitions and is now taking their unique approach to business to the Public Cloud providers with their new service, Katapult.

“Katapult is ‘Master-Crafted Virtual Infrastructure’,” says Simon; “we’ve cherry-picked the very best components, lovingly stitched them together, then made billing simple to understand.” To compete with the faceless Public Cloud giants, the team realised they’d need to be able to out-innovate some of the wealthiest organisations on earth, no small task.

Katapult’s no-compromise mantra demanded all-flash performance with linear and near-infinite scalability to support customer growth. Crucially, Katapult would need a file storage solution that could beat the cost per TB of the incumbent cloud providers who enjoy massive economies of scale.

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Universal Storage Delivers Higher Performance For Less Cost

VAST’s Universal Storage, based on the revolutionary DASE (Disaggregated, Shared Everything) architecture, was the only storage solution that could satisfy Katapult’s exacting requirements for performance, scale, cost, and manageability. When asked about VAST’s importance to Katapult, CEO Simon Blacker said, “VAST is the only way we can compete with AWS’ Elastic File System. It’s our sling in this David vs. Goliath match up.”

Where current cloud file services offer limited performance, especially for small file systems, Katapult Files, based on the all-flash VAST platform with the fully automated, non-blocking NVIDIA networking, provides consistently high performance at an even lower price. That low price is the result of VAST’s global management of QLC flash, similarity-based data reduction, and locally decodable erasure coding which combines to allow Katapult to sell this premium service for less than the other hyperscalers charge for disk storage.

As Alex Easter, Katapult’s CTO so succinctly put it, “Storage should be simple and VAST is incredibly simple.” VAST provides a single namespace for many tenants’ shared files via NFS and persistent volumes for containers using VAST’s Kubernetes CSI plugin. All managed via a modern web GUI and integrated into the Katapult’s provisioning and monitoring orchestration using a REST API.

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System Architecture


Differentiated From the Competition

The combination of VAST’s revolutionary flash economics and NVIDIA’s fast and automated networking enables Katapult to affordably build an all-flash, high speed, low latency cloud platform that helps differentiate them from the competition.

VAST’s DASE architecture also provides a single storage cluster that scales performance and capacity independently, and provides dedicated QoS for both Krystal and Katapult clients. Deduplication works across the cluster, providing significant space savings.

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Customer Deployment Overview

Katapult Leverages VAST Data and NVIDIA to Deliver Industry-leading Benefits:

  • checkedIMG All-Flash Performance: Cloud giant file services limit performance/TB. VAST and NVIDIA power Katapult’s premium Katapult Files service
  • checkedIMG Disk Competitive Economics: VAST redefines flash economics with QLC flash, locally decodable erasure coding, and similarity reduction. This provides Katapult with profitably when offering flash for less than AWS charges for disk.
  • checkedIMG Simple Operations: VAST’s API first development model, combined with NVIDIA network automation, ensures cloud provisioning and orchestration systems can fully manage Universal Storage.

About Katapult/Krystal Hosting

Katapult is an Infrastructure-as-a-service provider with a revolutionary approach to cloud computing. Katapult combines its caring approach to technology with parent company Krystal Hosting’s reputation for excellence, creating a new standard in virtual infrastructure. Katapult’s scalable storage solutions utilise VAST Data’s bleeding-edge flash technology combined with outstanding software to deliver one of the highest performing distributed storage offerings in the world.


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