File System Comparison

Dell EMC Isilon PowerScale Alternative & Comparison

Choosing the Right Storage for Modern Workloads

From big data analytics to artificial intelligence, the most exciting applications in many data centers today glean information from large pools of unstructured data and, therefore, require new scale-out file storage solutions.


About Dell EMC’s Powerscale (Formerly Isilon)

Dell EMC’s PowerScale® is an almost 20-year-old shared-nothing, scale-out NAS that supports all-flash, HDD/flash hybrid, and all HDD nodes in heterogeneous clusters. PowerScale is—as one would expect from a 20-year-old product—feature-rich. It includes automated tiering between PowerScale pools and to the cloud.


Dell EMC PowerScale

VAST Data Platform


Scale-Out NAS

Scale-Out NAS/Object




Low-Cost QLC support

Global, Cross-Block Compression

Inline, Always on

All Flash Cost



Multi-Protocol File <> Object