White Paper

Making simple, scalable, ultra-high performance NFS storage a reality for parallel computing and GPU architectures


Simplicity, scalability, and ultra-high performance have never described NAS storage architectures—until now.

In this new white paper, learn how VAST Data’s breakthrough DASE (disaggregated shared everything) architecture solves the cost, management, and scalability challenges of NFS storage, making scale-out flash affordable for all of your next-generation HPC, AI, and cluster computing applications.

Download this white paper now and learn how to:

  • Build scale-out NAS systems that deliver tens of TB/s bandwidth and hundreds of millions of IOPS
  • Power demanding CPU and GPU client applications with RDMA throughput
  • Eliminate the cache miss penalty that burst buffers inflict on AI algorithms
  • Build embarrassingly parallel, exascale capacity
  • Pool file server infrastructure to build site-wide storage systems that ensure QoS
  • Break the price/performance tradeoff to make flash affordable for all of your data