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Choosing The Right Storage for Modern Workloads

From quantitative trading research to GPUs training neural networks to rapid backup and restore of database infrastructure, today’s applications need fast, shared file storage that can scale to petabytes. You have a wide variety of choices, and different architectures have evolved at different rates. The result is a wide gap in the cost profiles, performance, and complexity in your storage choices.

Download this white paper now and learn:

  • How new and old storage architectures compare to each other.
  • How leading storage vendors, including Dell EMC, IBM Spectrum Scale, Pure Storage, and VAST Data compare on features that modern applications demand, such as petabyte scalability, multi-protocol support, storage efficiency, and performance.
  • How VAST Data’s Disaggregated, Shared Everything storage architecture leverages Storage Class Memory; SSDs and QLC 3D NAND SSDs to usher in a new architecture deployment concept that can usher in an extinction-level event for the HDD and complex storage tiering.
Reinventing Scale-Out Storage in the AI Era — VAST Forward Ep. 1

Meet VAST Forward, a new video series here to help educate storage practitioners and decision makers on how VAST can solve their infrastructure challenges and result in better technical and business outcomes.

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