Redefining The Storage Buying Experience.

VAST Data Is Now A Software Business

With Gemini, customers purchase managed software on hardware that can now be bought direct from our manufacturer at cost. Gemini provides customers more commercial flexibility and new ways to save - all while delivering unrivaled levels of scale-out deployment simplicity.

How it Works

BUY LIKE A HYPERSCALER, deploy like an enterprise.

All in on SW + All in on appliances

Not all customers operate at hyperscale, but Gemini provides everyone same cost visibility and buying power that hyperscalers use to build their clouds. Gemini disaggregates the hardware and software purchase to provide all of the advantages of a software-defined business model, with none of the integration and deployment complexity.



The Infinite Storage Lifecycle.

break the HW-driven refresh cycle of legacy storage

While Gemini provides hardware lifecycle choice, the infinite storage lifecycle means you'll never need to migrate data again. Universal Storage’s asymmetric architecture makes it possible to non-disruptively scale from petabytes to exabytes across multiple generations of hardware as you build your always-on flash cloud.

  • The legacy infinite refresh cycle
  • The infinite storage lifecycle

The legacy infinite refresh cycle


The infinite storage lifecycle



Zero Compromises, guaranteed.

removing the risk from modernizing your data

Your Co-Pilot. Our Success.

We're Investing For The Long-Term

Level 3 Engineer For Onboarding and Daily Operations

Coordinate deployments to ensure nothing goes wrong. Co-Pilots are responsible for day-to-day health, capacity and performance monitoring and planning.

Customer Success Management

Co-Pilots ensure the prioritization of your critical feature requests and work with early-access customers to provide advanced software access for early testing.

Infinite Lifecycle Services

Co-Pilots are cloud operators who work for you. Each Co-Pilot are responsible for providing continuous education to you and your team as well as handling all aspects of cluster expansions and upgrades.


Success Story


“In the quantitative trading industry, having the flexibility to dial up performance and grow on demand without a forced refresh or hardware tax is a key win for our business. Gemini has given us the freedom and flexibility to meet our data center needs at any given time, while also increasing our return on investment.”

Jesse Sieger Sr. System Engineer

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Ways to get started

Our field engineering team is here to help you sucessful.

Learn how you can easily and securely store all your data on exabyte-scale, affordable flash. Our team will:

  • Look at your current infrastructure
  • Design for the future
  • Leverage game-changing storage innovations
  • Share best practices
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