Many businesses are struggling to keep pace with the exponential growth of data volume and sources to power your analytics. Organizations turned to Hadoop turned to Hadoop to store the volume and variety of data you needed. It was cheap and efficient, but data teams have struggled to make data in HDFS available for enterprise-grade business intelligence and reporting.

Is this you? If so, watch this on-demand webinar as Scott Saktanaset of Dremio and John Mao of VAST Data tell The Reg’s Tim Phillips how they are solving this problem with an open data lakehouse solution that brings data warehouse functionality directly to the data lake, powered by all-flash storage technology that unlocks faster time to insights, best in class price-performance, and exabyte scalability. They will discuss:

  • The limitations of data analytics using Hadoop
  • The advantages of an open data lakehouse
  • Replacing HDFS with S3 and all-flash storage




John Mao

Global Head of Business Development


Scott Saktanaset

Alliances Solutions Architect

On Demand Webinar

Escaping Hadoop’s Walled Garden with VAST & Dremio