Webinar: Smart Coupling of Next Generation A.I. Computing with Hyperscale Low-Cost Flash

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream across a wide range of industries. From self-driving vehicles, to genomics research, to financial data analysis, AI is rapidly weaving through our world in ways both seen and unseen.

The future success of AI initiatives, however, will be dictated by IT organizations’ ability to quickly deliver simple-to-use yet highly-optimized infrastructure to large teams of data scientists. Productive planning for new AI projects requires IT professionals take a fresh approach in building and deploying emerging compute and storage platforms.

In this webinar, you’ll hear industry experts from IDC, NVIDIA and VAST Data discuss:

  • Emerging AI trends’ impact on the future of IT infrastructure
  • AI compute and storage requirements and modern infrastructure approaches
  • How NVIDIA DGX systems and VAST Data’s Universal Storage bring together performance and simplicity fit for any AI data center project