Broken Promises of Legacy Scale-out NAS:
Unlock Exascale Flash at HDD Economics with VAST Data

Today’s applications want fast access to all data, but legacy NAS systems were never designed to make flash affordable. In the hyperscale era, these systems fail to affordably deliver the promised nirvana of performance, resilience, and simplicity at scale.

Fortunately, new technologies now make it possible to think beyond the architectures of yesterday and build for the future. Built from the ground up as an all-flash architecture, VAST Data is engineered to make flash affordable for ALL your data. Scalable to exabytes, VAST Data lays the foundation for game-changing levels of efficiency, resilience, and Quality of Service, such that it’s finally possible (and affordable) to build a single tier of flash as a high-speed storage cloud that powers all of your applications – from AI all the way to archive.

In this webinar, Andy Pernsteiner, Field CTO at VAST Data, will specifically cover:

    • Why legacy scale-out NAS architectures impede scale, resilience, and consolidation
    • How VAST Data makes flash affordable for all your data (at hard-drive prices)
    • How VAST Data’s modern architecture delivers superior resilience and performance at scale
    • How Intel Optane, Intel QLC and Intel Xeon processors are used and integrated into the VAST storage system