Zero Compromises Guarantee

Storage-architecture driven protections to help customers innovate without risk

Tougher than a Tardigrade, guaranteed for a decade.

Wait… What’s a Tardigrade?

Wait… What’s a Tardigrade?


Tardigrades are near-microscopic animals that have the special distinction of being nearly indestructible. Tardigrades are the world’s most resilient animal and can survive the extreme conditions that are otherwise fatal to all other weaker life forms. They can withstand a thousand times more radiation than humans, temperatures ranging from -450°F to 300°F, they can live dehydrated for 120+ years and can even survive in outer space.

It takes a special type of animal to defy the laws of nature. Similarly, it takes a special type of storage architecture to survive today’s challenges of scale.

Data storage is responsible for safeguarding an organization’s most critical assets. Customers have historically been hesitant to adopt new storage technologies in fear that their lack of maturity will result in a greater possibility of data loss or data unavailability.

The VAST Data engineering team had the opportunity to rethink how storage could be built by inventing on a collection of technologies that weren’t commercially available until 2018. By building from this new foundation, the VAST Universal Storage architecture avoids having to solve around the many of the biggest challenges that have plagued system architectures for decades. The result? New customer commitments around satisfaction and longevity can be made because of the simplicity and Tardigrade-level of resilience built into the VAST architecture.

VAST offers a collection of investment protections that eliminate purchase consideration tradeoffs in order to take the guesswork out of adopting advanced technology, including:

Guaranteed Persistence & System Uptime

Guaranteed All-Inclusive Access to Future Cluster Software

Guaranteed 10 Years of Fixed Maintenance Pricing and SSD Endurance Protection

Guaranteed Shadow Support Custom Account Coverage for 6 Months

Guaranteed Data Reduction Superiority

Guaranteed 60-Day Unconditional Right-to-Return

The Zero Compromises Guarantee

Tardigrade Levels of Persistence and System Uptime. Guaranteed.

We guarantee that your VAST system will never lose data because of volatility or controller failure, every write is persistent. Furthermore, we guarantee that your system will never experience downtime due to controller HW failures, so long as you have at least one surviving controller - or we’ll give you a year of free support.

A decade of operation and fixed maintenance pricing. Guaranteed.

Systems with active maintenance agreements can be supported for up to 10 years – inclusive of SSD endurance. For customers who purchase a multi-year support contract, support renewals will never exceed 10% of the system cost per year for the remainder of the system lifetime, up to 10 years.

Superior data reduction. Guaranteed.

We’re so confident that our global, similarity-based data reduction is better than anything that’s been done until now, we’re guaranteeing it. For unencrypted data sets of 100TB or more of storage, if your VAST system doesn’t deliver the best efficiency, just prove it to us and we’ll true up the difference.

Continuous innovation. Guaranteed.

The days of nickel and diming customers for software features are over. VAST’s All-Access Guarantee ensures that any customer under a active maintenance agreement will get all-inclusive access to today’s and tomorrow’s Universal Storage cluster features without having to pay any additional licensing or capacity charges for them.

A dedicated shadow support resource. Guaranteed.

Deploying new storage technologies is easier when you have an technical lead assigned to your success. VAST’s Shadow Support offering leverages VAST’s cloud-based Call Home tools to provide VAST engineers with insights into your systems’ operation experience and proactively address issues. Each cluster installation includes 6 months of dedicated coverage and a resource available on slack, email, text and our support channels to ensure you get the help you need when you need it.

Unconditional right to return. Guaranteed.

We want our customers to be 100% comfortable with their investment. Feel free to return your system for any reason any time until 60 days after its delivery. Keep looking … there’s no fine print.

When technology innovations can fuel new commercial protections around your infrastructure investments – it becomes easier than ever to trust your storage.