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Life science organizations have long been challenged by ever-growing data and processing demands which strain current storage systems not only to hold back the deluge of data volume but also to provide sufficient performance to keep up as toolkits evolve how pipelines access and interact with data. VAST breaks the decades-old storage performance and capacity tradeoff to enable bioinformatics applications at any scale to benefit from the speed, IO consistency, and simplicity of all-flash parallel file system storage.



    Ideal for bio and AI pipelines that otherwise suffer from random and metadata intensive IO


    Engineered at every level to democratize the use of flash for HPC and AI applications


    Simple, multi-protocol storage for any scale-out application

Breaking Decades-old Tradeoffs

The Pyramid is Dead.

Life science teams have long struggled to balance I/O performance with the volume of data generated by bioinformatics pipelines. To address this, data is often tiered across a complex, pyramidal hierarchy of storage systems, each designed to provide either fast I/O or large capacity. While this pyramid of storage partially solves some organization’s storage problems by relegating cold data to slow, archival storage; scientists continue to evolve the questions they ask of their data. Since it is impossible to process and analyze data that’s been exiled to slow, archival storage – the opportunity for rapid scientific discovery on vast reserves of data is lost. At the same time, larger pools of data create new opportunities to find new correlations – but as of now, it has not been economically practical to store the entire life science research corpus on one fast tier of Flash.

A New Type of Storage Architecture

A better option: VAST Data Universal Storage.  

VAST Data breaks the decades-old tradeoff between storage performance and storage capacity with a new storage system architecture that enables unlimited processing on exabyte-scale, affordable Flash. With Universal Storage, pipelines run faster, administration is easier, and the data center impact is smaller.

Sample Genomics Pipeline with VAST

  • millions of IOPS
  • TB’s of throughput
  • exabytes of capacity

Our Customers

trusted by the world’s smartest organizations.  


“VAST Data provides Ginkgo the potential to ride the declining cost curve of flash while also providing near-infinite scale.”


“VAST provides Zebra a solution to all of our A.I. storage challenges by delivering performance superior to what is possible with traditional NAS while also providing a simple,... scalable appliance that requires no effort to deploy and manage.”


“As an early adopter of advanced storage systems, we’ve deployed scalable storage architectures to help HHS agencies to pioneer new scientific discoveries and improve public... health. As our component Operating Divisions move beyond the hard drive era, software-enabled storage architectures helps us moder...

we’ve eliminated tradeoffs to eliminate tiers. contact our solution engineering team today.

parallel file system power with the simplicity of a NAS. All at a price-point historically reserved for archive storage.