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Our storage capabilities are the backbone of our mission to help identify the genetic causes and best treatment options for rare diseases. Without an adaptive, scalable infrastructure that can grow with our needs, we simply cannot process these diagnoses in time. Compared to our previous solution and the many storage technologies out there, VAST’s all-flash storage delivered all of the above and allowed us to reduce the time taken to process sample data from 24-48 hours to just two hours. Every second counts for patients waiting for a diagnosis, and the implications of VAST’s technology and the speed at which we can now process diagnosis is quite literally life-saving.

Tim Scheurenbrand
CeGaT GmbH, IT Director
  • US Department of Defense

    Expanding Cybersecurity Monitoring, Computing Capabilities, and Ai Analysis

  • NASA

    Discovering All-New Frontiers with Universal Storage

  • Ingenuity

    Ingenuity Studios Reinvents Its Pipeline with Universal Storage

  • Broad Institute

    Unleashing Gene Sequencing with Universal Storage

  • Squarepoint

    Consolidating and Accelerating Backtesting with Universal Storage

  • Invitae

    Ushering Next Gen Personalized Healthcare with Universal Storage

  • Nanox AI

    Simplifying and Accelerating Al Healthcare Model Training with Universal Storage

  • US Department of Health and Human Services

    Scaling, Processing, and Protecting Genomic Data with Universal Storage


VAST’s solution has allowed us to provide consistently-predictable broadcast performance and is delivering additional savings in the form of data reduction by efficient deduplication on our video assets.

Stefan Hammerlund
CTO, Kanal 75

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