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VAST is allowing us to put all of our rendered assets on one tierless cluster of storage, which offers us the ability to use these petabytes of data as training data for future AI applications. We’ve already moved all of our denoising data, ‘finals’ and ‘takes’ data sets onto the VAST Data Platform, specifically because of the AI capabilities this allows us to take advantage of in the future.

Eric Bermender
Head of Data Center & IT Infrastructure, Pixar Animation Studios

AI is a big priority for us here at Zoom, and we’re working with VAST on efficiently building and training our AI/ML models across multiple unstructured datasets of video, audio and text data. Automation is the key, and the VAST Data Platform allows us to build beyond the capabilities that we’ve already built to deliver a frictionless global communication experience.

Vijay Parthasarathy
Head of AI/ML, Zoom

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Choosing VAST was viewed as a risk at our organization. It is now considered a big win!
Infrastructure Team Lead in Education
Features are being rapidly added and they are being done right from the beginning.
IT Infrastructure Lead at Animation Studio