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The VAST Data Platform delivers scalable performance, radically simple data management and enhanced productivity.

The VAST Data Platform unifies storage, database, and compute into a single, scalable software platform to power AI & deep learning in modern data centers and clouds.

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The first new scale-out architecture in 20 years, designed for the next 20 years of AI and big data computing.

CoreWeave’s customers demand the most secure and scalable solutions on top of the industry’s fastest and most flexible infrastructure to keep their data safe. We’re delighted to partner with VAST Data to deliver a multi-tenant and zero-trust environment purpose-built for accelerated compute use cases like machine learning, VFX and rendering, Pixel Streaming and batch processing that’s up to 35 times faster and 80 percent less expensive than legacy cloud providers.

Michael Intrator
CEO & Co-Founder, CoreWeave

As we see AI proliferate to enterprise companies, there’s a need for an AI platform that is truly enterprise-grade. NVIDIA has a great partnership with VAST, and we’re looking forward to working with the team as they’ve taken this bold vision to build beyond storage to deliver a platform that helps to bring structured and unstructured data together in a unified, global namespace.

Manuvir Das
Vice President, Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA

VAST is allowing us to put all of our rendered assets on one tierless cluster of storage, which offers us the ability to use these petabytes of data as training data for future AI applications. We’ve already moved all of our denoising data, ‘finals’ and ‘takes’ data sets onto the VAST Data Platform, specifically because of the AI capabilities this allows us to take advantage of in the future.

Eric Bermender
Head of Data Center & IT Infrastructure, Pixar Animation Studios

Taking advantage of new advancements in AI will be pivotal to help us make sense of all of this data, and the VAST Data Platform allows us to collect massive amounts of data, so that we can ultimately map as many neural circuits as possible - and its mechanisms for collaboration enable us to rapidly share that data around the world.

David Feng
Director of Scientific Computing, Allen Institute