VAST is here to help.

VAST has been fortunate to sell to organizations that are leveraging IT to power through the global pandemic. At a time when governments, companies and universities are clamoring for the computing power necessary to rapidly study novel COVID-19, budgets don’t always align with priorities. To help the race to a solution, VAST Data is here to help with no-cost Universal Storage systems for approved research projects.

All-flash, high-capacity infrastructure accelerates the pace of science. Organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, Gingko Bioworks, and Harvard have already deployed VAST Data for research on prevention and treatment of COVID-19. “This research requires very fast access to huge datasets. Researchers want to try multiple hypotheses, sequence genomes faster, or run new AI algorithms against scientific imagery. VAST Data solves bottlenecks in these pipelines,” says founder and CEO Renen Hallak.

Life science organizations across the globe have the full support of our field and engineering teams to deliver scalable, no-cost technology to end this pandemic. Contact us via the form on the right to start the conversation.

We can’t do the science, but we can help those who do.