Recover In A Flash.

A digital pandemic is upon us. With ransomware compromising entire IT estates worldwide, IT leaders have been forced to rethink data protection agendas. Backup and recovery solutions are no longer just “insurance” – they’re essential components of any corporate strategy. But recovery is only as fast as a backup storage target’s read performance, and many organizations only discover the limitations of their legacy purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs) at the worst possible times.

VAST Data’s revolutionary Universal Storage makes it possible for organizations to finally adopt an all-flash system for their data backup and recovery requirements. VAST combines low-cost hyperscale flash, next-generation data reduction, and highly efficient erasure codes to eliminate the economic arguments for disk-based PBBAs and enable customers to affordably deploy an all-flash backup target. By delivering blazing fast all-flash restore performance, VAST empowers customers to keep critical end user applications running following any large-scale cyber attack, natural disaster, or data loss event.



    Recover entire systems in minutes with all-flash restore speeds 50x faster than legacy PBBAs


    Universal Storage innovations bring flash costs down to archive price points


    Scale performance to meet workload and capacity requirements of any backup dataset

Breaking Decades-old Tradeoffs

The Backup Environment today.

PBBAs are designed to maximize write performance in order to meet backup windows and minimize storage costs. But optimizing write speeds comes at the cost of reduced read performance, the critical measure for how fast data can be restored.

Flash-based systems provide superior read performance for rapid restores but have been cost-prohibitive for many organizations. IT admins have tried to thread the needle by tiering data to any combination of flash, HDD, and archive disks, an expensive, cumbersome, and complex process that ultimately fails to deliver the fast restores needed to keep a business operational following a ransomware attack.

Dead drive

A New Type of Storage Architecture


By applying new thinking to decades-old storage problems, VAST has broken the long-standing tradeoff between performance and the cost of capacity to make affordable all-flash restores possible.

  • 50X Faster Restores

    All-flash read performance ensures much faster restores than disk-based backup systems.

  • Flash at the Cost of HDDs

    Universal Storage innovations deliver compounded storage savings that make flash affordable for all backup data.

  • Unprecedented Storage Efficiency

    Reduce backup data by up to 20:1 to enable more cluster free space from your VAST investment.

  • Immutable Backups

    Indestructible snapshots protect critical backups from being encrypted or destroyed by nefarious actors.

  • Accelerated Backups at Any Scale

    Complete backups of ever-growing datasets in ever-shrinking backup windows.

  • Lowest TCO

    VAST’s 10-year warranty enables an industry-best TCO advantage compared to average three-to-five year refresh cycles.

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  • All Your Backup & Restores On A Single System

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